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3 Reasons why overeating could be good


Overeating is a syndrome which not only has an emotional impact on physical health but causes a lot of stress at the mental level also. This is the much-proclaimed definition given to overeating. No one seam to look into the positive side of it.
We tend to be cruel towards ourselves with issues concerning overeating. Negative sentiments have a horrible effect on your bodies. This feeling creates acidity, adversely affect self-confidence, hinder digestion, and body image. Here are reasons you need to look at the good side of overeating.

1. It creates awareness that there is something you need to take care of:
Let’s look at it from the awareness point of view. Overeating creates a feeling of complete awareness of how you are feeling at that moment, both mentally and physically. For instance, eating an extra piece of chocolate after being satisfied from the first piece, you reach for the second piece, eat it and then feel full, puffy and uncomfortable. Take note of that. Keeping records it if you need to have a source to fall back on. A concrete answer to a behavior you engaged in always. The awareness of your feeling gives you the drive to take a step of changes.

2. It keeps you ready for a new life:
Overeating will fall away as you take care of your inner needs. Each time you allow yourself to process the things you don’t want to, even if you don’t know how or don’t have all the answers, your understanding of yourself grows and your compassion for yourself deepens. You overeat probably because we don’t have an alternative way to manage everything that is happening to you. And at the point you pay attention to what the issue is, and explore staying with what you’re feeling, then you are on your way to a life where you find enough freedom around food.

3. That feeling to binge is trying to get your attention:
PAY ATTENTION TO ME! That’s the feeling you have in your body when you overeat. There is a reason for bringing. You don’t just think, “I’m going to eat 876 cookies tonight”. We do it for a reason after which you have that gentle face saying to yourself, “What have I done? I need to get hongs right.


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