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How to keep your avocado’s fresh


Avocado’s are high in fat and are very nutritious and contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins. As of late as the 1970s, avocados were viewed as to a greater degree a delicacy than an ordinary natural product. They cost about $1 each in 1974, which would be near $5 today which is expensive for the majority of the people to appreciate an avocado with their serving of mixed greens or sandwich routinely.

Avocados still cost about $1 each in 2015, yet the cost is justified even despite the advantages to your wellbeing (also the much taste and flexibility). On the off chance that you don’t eat the entire avocado on the double, it can be a test to keep whatever remains of it new, and you positively don’t need a significant portion of an avocado to go to squander.

The tissue of an avocado turns dark colored once it’s cut because of a chemical that oxidizes when presented to air. It isn’t exactly terrible now, and you can regularly rub off the best darker layer to uncover a new green layer underneath. Be that as it may, it is unappealing, and relatively few individuals get a kick out of the chance to eat dark colored guacamole.

Keeping avocado fresh is easier said than done. There are various hacks to keep avocados fresh. Covering it with wax paper, leaving the pit inside, sprinkling it with lemon juice, yet which techniques work?
Most importantly, I’ve discovered that putting away avocados in the ice chest even while they’re still whole keeps them fresh for up to two weeks. On the off chance that you’ll be utilizing just half at once, leave the pit in the half of the avocado you do not intend to use.

If you’ve scooped the avocado for guacamole, store the pit in the scraps. Next, keep the avocado half in a sealable plastic pack (suck out however much air as could be expected) and the guacamole in a hermetically sealed holder in your icebox.

Before you achieve the capacity advance, there are a couple of different deceives you can use to keep your avocado fresher longer. The video demonstrates the aftereffects of each following 72 hours.

• Olive oil: “paint” a thin layer of olive oil onto the highest point of the avocado half. This makes a natural obstruction to help anticipate oxidation. You can utilize this trap with guacamole as well (use a baked good brush to spread the oil to finish everything), nonetheless, know that it will include an oilier flavor and surface to your plunge.

• Lemon juice: Lemon juice represses oxidation. Rub some lemon juice on an avocado half or sprinkle some over your guacamole. It will add some lemon flavor to the avocado, which could conceivably be attractive relying upon your expected utilize.

• Onion: Place a modest bunch of large onion pieces into the base of the holder. Place to avocado (look up) to finish everything. On the other hand, sprinkle the lumps of onion over your guacamole (and remove them when it’s an ideal opportunity to serve)

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