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Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh vegetables from farmers market

Everyone wants to eat healthily and also manage the cost it attracts. Nothing is more discouraging than wasting food when trying to eat healthily. After taking your time to analyze healthy recipes, make a spending list, put everything away and then in a flash the week has flown by, and your beautiful, expensive produce couldn’t stand the test of storage. There could be something you are not getting right. Here are three basic mistakes you may be making in storing your fruits and vegetables.

1. Washing everything right away.
Don’t go washing all your veggies and fruits if you won’t consume all immediately. Dampness encourages bacteria growth, so wait to wash your fruits and vegetables until you’re ready to eat or cook them.

2. Putting all fruits and vegetable together.
In actuality, you should not store fruits and vegetables next to each other, whether they’re on the counter or in the refrigerator. I know many people want to keep fruits and vegetables in the same “section. People who organizes fruits and veggies by subcategory; green leafy vegetables in one place, those that grow on vines in another, melons in one place, and berries in another. Many fruits produce ethylene gas. This is the same gas that commercial growers use to ripen some fruits after they’ve been harvested. So when your fruits emit ethylene gas, it can speed spoilage to surrounding produce that is why you shouldn’t store veggies and fruits together.

3. Wrapping vegetables or fruits in tight plastic or zip-lock bags.
The reality is that vegetables need space; they need breathing room. An airtight plastic bag is the worst thing you can do to your vegetables. You can poke holes in the plastic bag, or store them in mesh bags. And use those crispers in your refrigerator. Before storing, remove ties and rubber bands and trim any leafy ends. Leave an inch to keep the vegetable from drying out.


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